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Two poems featured in Asia Writes

Ozu Bench and A Quiet Morning featured in Asia Writes on January 4th 2011


Year End


Not nerve ends

but synapses.

Not pain passed

from the periphery

to the center but a

juncture. Busy body

neurons in ant hills.

Pathways made

rich with wandering.

Such wingtips

as grow from the

rigging to fill

rib cages with

falling, with flight.

Of what remains

Sloughed-off  skin


memory of intimacy

In Theory

Long to be lost in text so
dense as word made thicket
would make more sense.

Four and Twenty Poetry

The November issue of 4&20 is out, and  “Thresh-Hold” is in it.  Four and Twenty is a journal of short form poetry published by Vinnie Kinsella.

Figure of Speech

a caesura

so subtle

as would



but for

the felt


of distance.

Sea thoughts

Somewhere between love
and the lack of it lies most
of life: half-drowned in rising
tides or washed-up on thoughts
of shore with others- some in,
some out of their shells, some
what seeking, somewhat sought.